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Change your life now
Start a regular workout routine and use the following exercise and diet tips to stay on track. 
Stay on Target

Experts agree: The best workout is the one you do regularly.  Complicated equipment and gym memberships are great if you have lots of free time and spare cash.  But if you are trying to fit exercise into a busy life, look for ways to be smart with your time and money. 

In less time than it takes most people to drive to and from a gym, you can complete a high-energy, high-intensity workout in your own home.  And for less cash than most gym memberships charge for only 2 visits, you’ll have a workout that doesn’t expire.

Winners know how to pace themselves.  And when you are doing The MMA Body Workout or any exercise, that's important for you, too.

Work out hard enough to challenge yourself but don't burn out before you reach your goals.  

se the heart rate chart below to stay on pace. 

Heart Rate Chart

Stay Balanced

Set up your body to burn fat and build muscle with these simple diet tips:

1.       Start and end the day with a glass of water.  And drink water while you exercise to stay hydrated. 

2.       Skip the fast food burger for 3 lunches each week and have a turkey sandwich on whole wheat (no mayo) instead. 

3.       Keep your metabolism going.  Eat a snack or small meal that includes protein every 3 to 4 hours.

4.       Fight cravings by keeping cut up fruit and vegetables in the fridge.  Eat a handful of those before reaching for the chips.

5.       Have a protein shake or bar between meals instead of a candy bar.  Your body needs extra protein as it builds muscle.

6.       Begin your meals with high fiber/high water content foods like soups, salads and vegetables.  Follow with protein: fish, meat, or chicken.  End with starches: potatoes, rice and bread.  You’ll get full with  healthier foods and won’t have as much room for high calorie items.

An important note about the holidays:  You've probably heard that the average person can gain up to 10 ten pounds over the holidays.  Between big holiday meals and fattening gifts, it's easy to put off a weight loss program until after the new year.  Start your resolution now to stay active and eat smart  -- and you'll look great blowing out the New Year.  If you have a friend who is facing the same holiday challenge, give that person an early Christmas gift and a chance to get in shape.

Are you getting in shape for a special occasion?  Those high school reunions, beach vacations, or wedding day can all be excellent motivators.  If you have a special event you are targeting, set a plan now.  If you are planning a wedding or other special event and would like to have a professional video of your occasion, contact
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