MMA Body Workout DVD 

A Message from Nicholas Stone:

Ever watch the fighters in an MMA event and wish you had their 6 pack abs?  Their shredded abs are a result of being in overall great shape.  And if shredded abs are your goal, The MMA Body Workout can help you achieve them.  This MMA inspired workout provides excellent cardio and strength training, so you will burn fat and see better muscle definition everywhere.  Especially your abs.   

Most of us are busy, and spending an hour or two a day in the gym just isn’t possible.  But if you can find 15-30 minutes in your day, that’s all you need to change your life.  You will be surprised at how quickly you will see results from your workout: defined biceps, toned triceps, tight glutes, and shredded abs. 

To learn more about The MMA Body Workout check out this preview.

Good luck.